Precision Injection and Insert Mold Builders

Our Company:

DMC Mold & Tool Corp

DMC Mold & Tool Corporation designs and builds molds for the plastic injection and insert molding industry specializing in the turn key project solutions requiring prototype through class 101 production tooling.  The core compentency of DMC begins at the front end of a project during the part design phase for manufacturability where the customer and supplier communication is most important.

Primary Focus

DMC Mold & Tool Corp specializes in the designing, creating, sampling, and repairing of plastic injection molds and tooling.  The goal at DMC Mold & Tool is  to design, create, and/or modify our customers products, when they need it,  in a timely matter, and in a cost effective way.

Our Abilities Include But Are Not Limited To:

  • Mold design and build for injection and insert molding, prototypes, and production
  • Specialists in plastic injection molds and tooling
  • Complete mold repair
  • Engineering revisions and troubleshooting
  • Contract EDM and CNC machining
  • Contract flow analysis using VISI-Flow Software
  • Contract Mold Design using VISI-Series Software
  • Serving the consumer, electrical, medical, and automotive industries